Sunday, January 17, 2010

Public Transportation Ettiquete

Alooo..seems like im becoming the real community service ambassador. Do this job exist? hahaha XD There r no such thing, but they maybe called Social Activist. Am I right? Correct me, huhuhu :)

Do u aware this advertisement :p

Have u ever ride public transportation called LRT? haha, who doesnt rite..But im not sure there r non malaysian readers here, huuuhuhuh..If u r not from Malaysia, im thankful and grateful because u read my blog,ngeehehe~

As stated in the pic,

"These seats is especially for senior citizen, pregnant woman and handicap and disable people. DO WE CARE?"

hoho..we always read this notice, but do we ever follow it? I dont think this is displayed in LRT only but also busses and trains. When LRT/Train/Bus from another place to place, the bus become crowded, and there many kind of people riding it, elder man, elder woman, pregnant woman, child, adult, teenager, husband, wife, blablabla...haha.. With many kinds of people, there will be also different kind of behaviour and unexpected.. Hoho, just read the following, hope this will help the ignorance out there, aiyak!
  1. No pushing and let the people inside go out first - Erk, i've experience whr i cannot go out because thr r many people pushing to enter the train, i cannot move forward, but pushed until the side whr the door is meant to be closed. Wht happened to me, i miss the station and only can go out after next two station..Wuuuu Wuuuu
  2. Dont gather at the door - LOL, this is happened when people think that they just riding for a while and if they stayed at the door, they can go first. But wht happened when the LRT/Trains stopped at the station, it is difficult for people to enter the LRT/Train and the door is not controlled. So, there r some people will be left behind and have to wait another LRT/Train, huhuhu (>_<)
  3. Get up for elderly - Wawawawa..this is quite annoying when seeing teenager or people that affordable to stand :p is sitting quite happily and comfortably while senior citizen is standing and try to balance so that they will not fall down.
  4. Get up for pregnant woman - Erm..the woman maybe mid 20, but she is pregnant woman. There r many reason why she should get the seat. Hoi ignorance people out thr, if she standing comfortably on her feet, doesnt mean u should leave her as she is, but you should, i mean must give her the seat. So that she doesn't need to be jostled all over the place as the train moves.
  5. Get up for the handicapped/disabled - Heh, this is obvious huh. If u still didnt offer the seat, u r devil man..i mean it bro, really..
  6. Get up for small children - Yup2, of course we should give the children the seat cause they not be able to stand properly as the bus moves because they cannot holding the holder (is this its name, i dont knw, it is the hanging one on the LRT/Train/Bus so people that standing can hold it)
  7. Wear deodorant - Haha, i found this one on the internet. Its true tho..haha..and you're likely to annoy everyone in close proximity if you don't. If, for some reason, you can't wear deodorant, make sure you get a seat and don't wind up holding the railing with your armpit in someone's face. LOL :D
Situation 1
There are elderly enter the train, with her is plastic bag with vegetable and some
barang dapur, seem like heavy yea..and at the seat, all the teenager. Some of them are talking to each other and they seem didnt realize the older is standing holding her things. Some of them are listening to their mp3 and some of them sleeping (maybe fake sleeping,haha :p) DO THEY CARE?

Situation 2

Still the senior citizen entering the train, but not the same citizen in the situation 1, haha :p at the seat, there are different kind of people but wht caught my eyes is a student, i think secondary school student (Sek Ren = secondary school kan? Primary = Sek Men kan? Im confuse,haha..but the boy is Sek Ren because his trousers is dark blue,haha). And then the teenager next to the him scolding him with loud voice to give the seat to the senior citizen. And wht do u think? Is this a good practice?

haha..I think this is ...wait for it :p ....not a good practice. Why? because the student bringing his big bag, yea really big, student these days are carrying stone to school :p And this is not appropriate to him to stand with his big bag and books cause he may fall down. Who should give the sit? Aaaaaa, the man who scolded the boy, but that is not happening because he is sitting next to his girlfriend. What a loser (>_<)

Hoho..this is my experience for riding the public transportation till today. Such things always happened around us. Maybe worse but we just didnt realize it yet. Hehe, last but no least..


P/S : I do care, but my english is becoming really bad huh? (-_-)


Anonymous said...

i do care!!he
teringat iklan yg afdin aman ramle berlakon kejam

Anonymous said...

oi mader, slalu nar kawu update blog..sik smpt mok maca suma..kaktok aku agak gik sitok..=P

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