Friday, January 8, 2010

Mafia Wars

Salam everybody..hehe

Hehe..I think everyone own facebook these days. People who do not own one maybe too bz with his life or doesnt have time to surf the internet or maybe dislikes internet or maybe lame..LOL XD

Haha, recently, not recently thou, haha..i am playing Mafia Wars, one the application in the facebook or so-called games :p felt like i am really addict to it..i dont know, maybe it is just a feeling~

Haha. This is Interface of my Mafia Wars, hoho

Hehe, i dont think i am the only one who playing this game like crazy, some of my friend did :p However, i just dont like to play this game at first, just click here, click there, hahaha..some kind of nonsense, same feeling while playing Football Manager by Sport Interactive, but this one is really simple one, no animation at all.

Hehe, remember this? Cant take off your mind aite? aite..aite? :p

Eh2, there is animation, for people who play this game, the know what it is, the loading animation, hahaha, do you people always looking at this? Maybe it is hallucination that shout to your mind - " go play Mafia Wars every hours, every seconds, every nanoseconds, every time!" - cause its seems the times is crucial for this games.

Why crucial eh? Because if we want to recover energy need times, no energy cant do jobs, to recover stamina also needs time, no stamina cant attack people = enemy :p And collecting money from properties also, need time..haha..

Tick Tock Tick Tock...29 Seconds Left...ahahaha

  • Mafia Wars is a multiplayer browser game created by Zynga. It was the 2009 Webby Award People's Voice Winner in the Games category.
  • Mafia Wars is available on Facebook, MySpace, Tagged, Sonico, and Yahoo!. On April 8, 2009, Zynga released a version of the game as a free downloadable iPhone App. (Haiyo, so many platform oo :D )
  • The makers of a similar online game, Mob Wars, sued Zynga over their launch of Mafia Wars, accusing Zynga of copyright infringement. Zynga made some changes to Mafia Wars so it wouldn't resemble Mob Wars as closely, but Mob Wars creator David Maestri moved forward with his lawsuit. In September 2009, Maestri and Zynga settled the case for about $7–$9 million, less than the $10 million Maestri had originally demanded.

P/S : Actually, addicted of many application games in facebook :p


Anonymous said...

nice game huh..maybe i just pass at the mo..but in the future when i wanted to catch some neu game, i will check this blog for info.really good input in ur blog!

Ryuiichi said...

ehehe..tq2 \(^_^)/ restaurant city coming soon :p


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