Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#3 Wordless Wednesday

have u nyan today? let the cat do all the work :P

PS: nyan nyan nyan~

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Part 2: Month of Football - July 2011

as i told u before. july 2011 is football month.we got FIFA U17 WC, Women WC, Copa America, AFF U16, at the end of June also we got Gold Cup. okai2, enough with international competition. we are focusing on malaysia now.MALAYSIA!! HARIMAU MALAYA!! HARIMAU MUDA!!

i only watch half time because my internet is very slow =.= INTERNET! Y U SLOW! :P also, i dont get to see the game much due to lag. this match bring bad name for arsenal fans as some ppl claims they are 'boooooo'-ing malaysia player. arsenal is my fav team. but this match, i support malaysia woo. media also agree with the incident. but, we dont have to heard one side only. we have to be fair :P so we heard both party :) some arsenal claims that they are 'boooo'-ing chamakh because he is tackling Aidil. thats the spirit guys! booo him because he injured our player!  so now.who is telling the truth? and also that day, SNBJ become emirates stadium.hihi :P

KFCM vs C.Vela :P - sos

again today.SNBJ transformed to anfield.THIS IS ANFIELD! :P and today some liverpool fan butthurt with malaysian powerful striker - Safee Sali (SS). Y U MAD!? :P this happened when SS celebrating his 2nd goal. he run towards Malaysian fans but then turning back and run to his team mate.what a sad thing happened to liverpool fan which happened to be malaysian.that day, SNBJ flooded with red jersey, maybe SS also confuse :P and now some liverpool blog claim safee sali to apologize. they said they feel insulted by him.macam2 haih. and respect to the kop fans, the attendance that day BEATING the attendance of WC2010 final match, Spain v Holland :)

 kuyt score - sos

JULY 21 - MALAYSIA XI 0 - 0 Chelsea FC :P
all match again EPL club got the story behind it. which happened to be last night, i prefer to know that the match is draw. Drogba free kick at 10min before full time really save the day of Andre Villa Boas and his comrade to be humiliated at our soil. how do u feel when the team from the same league (Arsenal & Liverpool) can belasah2 malaysia team. furthermore they got 50 million pound striker Fernando Torres. im sure most malaysian agree the ball not passing the line. according to FIFA rules. the ball must be 75% over the goal line to be verified as goal. (im not sure now still 75% last time i heard 50% is enough). im sure linesman having hard time and of course he cant sleep well enough last night. i think he is Chelsea fans :P and last night also Benayoun 'boooo'-ed by malaysian. why is that? because he from ISRAEL. i think that is wrong (Sorry for who is radical Islam who think all Jew is bad), because benayoun is playing football, he does not killing palestine. sorry to say :)

lol ini gambar bila. ada indra putra blakang - sos

thats all and today JULY 23, HARIMAU MALAYA will meet the lion, Singapore for WC2014 2nd round preliminary stage. the kick off is 1 hour 30 mins from now! get ready comrade!
sacrifice sesuatu utk team malaysia sbb pemain2 malaysia sacrifice kn diri diorg di pdg utk negara yg tercinta - safiq rahim, 2011
P/S: go go harimau malaya! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Part 1: Month of Football - July 2011

last night monday, Women World Cup 2011 already come to an end, and we have the new champion - Japan. for the 1st time, a country from Asia won the cup. i watch this tournament even it is woman who play it. from what i see, most of the goal in this tournament likely from the long shot. i just dont know it is a pure luck whether the goal keeper is not good enough or players technique. i bet man player should learn from them how try long shot often :P
Congrats なでしこジャパン :) - sos
Also last night monday, copa america beat the odds which saw brazil knock out in the quarter final against paraguay.2 fav teams which is likely expected to meet each other in final is knock out =.= brazil is last defending champion while argentina is the most time winner with 14 titles. there are another team which is 14 titles also which is - URUGUAY!. uruguay still in the competition and will meet paraguay in semi final.its quite disappointing for argentina because they are host for this competition this year T-T and fyi, this competition is the oldest competition in football history :)
this is old picture actually. adriano and crespo not represent their country anymore. but, both team are knock out in early stage and we miss the great football match.nevermind, maybe another year! :) - sos
FIFA U17 world cup also held in this month.but it start last month actually.the title goes to Mexico :) they wont against Uruguay.seems like Mexico got hot prospect for the future. but that doesnt guarantee though. it was more memorable moment as they celebrate the victory at their own soil. Mexico is the host for FIFA U17 this year :)

 congrats young el tricolor! :) - sos

i read in forum where malaysian also got many young talented player. the youth coach agree with that. young i mean here is U17,U15. at international stage, they often go far in the competition.what the problem is, when they finish they school.they continue their study and abandon their football career. this is not a problem actually, this is the REAL mentality of malaysian parents, which is education is more important than football. we are not professional enough for football career in malaysia.sorry to say :)

mostly ppl focus on harimau malaya squad for their asia region world cup qualifying and harimau muda for olympic london qualifying. but ppl forgot there are harimau lebih muda :p also currently fighting in the tourney which is AFF U16 2011. the tournament end yesterday with Thailand won the title. Malaysia did not enter 2nd stage of the competition as they finish 3rd in Group A. 

malaysia young guns. not bad.they dont even lost in the competition.nvm, AFF U19 will be held on September 2011. go go harimau muda!

the senior squad won this tourney last year :) many ppl expect the junior team will do the same. many eh? =.= i wonder they know that this young squad playing in the competition.

ok thats all. there is lot football thing happened this month.this is part 1 :P

P/S: actually i have done this entry last monday.i forgot to post it XD


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