Friday, September 18, 2009

Save Mother Earth - Happy Ramadhan

halo..halo..long time no see is the 2nd last day of Ramadhan..we should not be happy for the coming Eid-Ul-Fitri until we neglect the great present from Him in this Ramadhan - Lailatul Qadr..Still not too late my friend. homesick already cure since last week cause im at miri now \(^_^)/...Anyway,i observe many things here at my hometown [ homecity, hahaha (^0^) ]. Just 1 major thing that really touch me [ LOL (X_x) ] is the no plastic bag day here, I dont found this such event at peninsula. [ Im not racist, but it really make me sad whenever my friend always confuse when I said im going here and there at miri, buying stuff here and there, they ask me do here hv road? does supermarket exist there, such a lame thinking serious and there are also serious, seems like they dont joke when they ask me this question..enough here, i dont meant to b racist..come on 1Malaysia (^_^) ]

This photo taken from the nearest supermarket from my home..haha..Dont sue me..

I dont knw wht it means by 'Miri Local Agenda 21', im sure that there are many local agenda since the 'no plastic bag day' is the 21st agenda. I want to knw wht is the other agenda before..hehe..

hehe, again with the no plastic bag day which is held on sunday..hehe, what a great concern by the citizen of miri city. If you didnt bring your own plastic bag, i mean not plastic, you know that bag right, hehe..i dont knw its name, both in Eng and BM, the name of that kind of bag, i really dont knw, im serious..what i knw, i use that kind of bag to bring my CPU here and there travelling from KL - MYY - KL, haha [ Suka betul aku mengarut kn..patut lah karangan aku selalu nya cikgu bagi markah yang teruk..haha.. ]. If you didnt bring your own plastic bag, you will be charge RM0.20 each. Its cheap right, but do you really love nature? With your RM0.20, you can destroy it. hehe, enough2..

"Sunday Is No Plastic Bag Day"

Its really a long time i dont update my blog, busy2..haha..Ok then, i want to help my mom, you too go help your family for the Eid-ul-Fitri preparation.

P/S: Does vinegar really help in cleaning the windows? I got this info from my friend's status update in facebook, she also not sure though..haha (^_^)..Happy Ramadhan.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bazaar Ramadhan

Halo again..actually im bz with my EOP midterm tommorow morning and DOME quiz after that, haha.we leave that aside 1st, hehe (^0^) After lab today im thinking whr should i eat iftar today, my friend Rosli invite me to iftar at Masjid Zakaria [ Im not sure whr is that, but he said at 'Kubur' area~sigh ], but I insist to go the IIUM Bazaar Ramadhan..wht again? IIUM Bazaar Ramadhan..again..IIUM [ sigh (x_X) ] Well, that is not wht i want to write here, observing ppl while searching my food for iftar. [ FYI, im alone, really :p ]

1st thing I wonder abt ppl is, evn they knw what it is, they still ask wht it is..Understand me? No? hoho..Ok2..just like:
Perempuan A : Pakcik2, ni murtabak eh pakcik?

Pakcik Murtabak : A'ah, ni murtabak, adk nk ayam ke daging?

If I am the 'Pakcik Murtabak' i would answer them

Me as Pakcik Murtabak : Eh2, bkn murtabak tu, tu kalkulator tu, adk x nmpk lg ke? adk nk kalkulator prisa aym ke daging?

Sigh~the 'Pakcik Murtabak' is busy with his customer, not 1 but many..Haish~
Haha..This 1 is always happened, maybe some of us has accidentally done this b4..ahaha..With the BIG price sign behind the Pakcik, we still ask for it price.

Lelaki A : Pakcik, berapa harga murtabak ni.

Pakcik Murtabak : RM2 je dik, adk nk brapa? Aym ke daging?

Hoho, i dont hv to make a dialogue of me act as 'Pakcik Murtabak" because you knw it already (^0^)
And this one is always happened to me..haha..when i want to pay for the food, i just give RM10, and the Makcik always ask
Makcik Nasik Lemak : Adk, takda duit kcik ke?

Me : Aiseh, xda la makcik.

Makcik Nasik Lemak : Oo..xpa la eh, esk2 adk dtg byr RM1/RM2/RM0.2/RM0.3/RM0.4 kt cni eh.

My god, I dont come thr every day and always buy that Nasik Lemak of Makcik [ Btol ka ayt aku ni?, erk ]. I also feel guilty because i still in debt with that makcik, if i forget to come to pay, is my food is haram? [ Answer me... ]I wonder that they should expect that thing during their bussiness, why dont they get ready~haish.

I am once really2 bad, yeah really, so bad, Im waiting for the murtabak with a long Q, lot of ppl waiting too.

Pakcik Murtabak : Nah dek, RM1.70 je. [ Before recession, haha, quite cheap ]
( I gave him RM2 )
Pakcik Murtabak : 70 sen takda dek? pakcik xda duit kcik ni.

Me : Eh2..xpa la pakcik, ok je. xmo balance ah.

Pakcik Murtabak : Eh2..xpa2..pakcik carik jap eh.
(But when he 'carik' the balance, he serves other customer)
(10 minutes later, seems like the pakcik forgot to give me the balance and i want to 'chow' from thr, just sadaqah i think its ok aite?, suddenly)
Pakcik Murtabak : Eh2 dek, kejap2..pakcik carik ni..
( I cant stand it anymore (>_<) )
Me : Xpa la pakcik, cancel eh..trima kaseh eh pakcik (with smile, lol XD)

LOLOLOL XD, why bother with just a 30 sen balance, i just let the pakcik keep the change, but he dont want so bad rite? im bad rite? tell me la..

hehe, maybe i talk too much about murtabak here, the situation happened at murtabak stall, hehe..i think i want to write about Sarawak special dish - Bubur Pedas. That is my favourite food. I like it very much. Yesterday I thought, my friend (Fila, Rosely, Zen) bought that kind of dish at Bazaar at Wangsa Maju, I dont want to call it Bubur Pedas cause seems the taste is not the same with the real one, huhu (T_T) homesick...

p/s : Again, my english is sick..LOL XD This is the training for EOP tommorow morning, haha


Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary 52nd National Day

Salam..hehe..hepi national day..i woke up at 1.37am and got msgs of hepi national day, hepi 52 national day,, i miss the significant time of proud malaysia history which is national day that is 12.00am, august dont knw why should celebrate at 12.00am, since that "watikah perlembagaan" and the change British reign is given to Tunku Abdul Rahman by Adikung Duke at about 9am..that is the official declaration of the independence where Tanah Melayu is retreat from the British protection. celebrate at 9am, that is too early, Malaysian is sleeping, evn the shops and hypermarket are still (^0^)
anyway,i dont knw wht the real theme & logo for this 52nd national day [ sigh~me bad ], is this really is, can u tell me? huhu, coz i googling the image and i only found this 1, the rest is the logo for the 51st national day. [ or i got wrong keyword search, lol (-_-") ]. haha, if the kid see this logo, they will definitely think today is the 1st anniversary of national day since there is BIG 1 in the logo,haha..anyway, im not sure this is real logo for this is year,hoho [ dont blame me, i got no tv and i dont like to hangout, i got internet and just google it, hehe :p ]
This is 1 Malaysia logo introduced by our current prime minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak, the motto is

"Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan"

Link to the 1Malaysia website, i dont knw how this web work, but seems like we can change opinion and suggestion regarding this 1 Malaysia

Unlike Pak Lah quote before,

"Bekerja lah Bersama Saya, Bkn Bekerja Utk Saya"

Ok then,bye2...sahor2..

Happy National Day and Happy Ramadhan Kareem

P/S : I just hv 2 posts, but i use LinkWithin widget already, hahaha..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

1st post/entry

this doll is mascot of a air-conditioning company, this doll belong to my sis, i dont knw wht the purpose of posting this picture here,haha :p

haha..welcome2..dis is my blog..i dont knw whether my blog will be read or followed..hahaha...1stly, i really cnfuse and hv no clue wht should i put in the blog, i've read many blogs, some just like a diary [ hate dis kind of blog actually (>_<) ahahaha], the blog that entry explain the real thing happened around us [ i like this,ho ], some blog with information evn advertising, movie or book review and the latest one dat i found is the blog that writes abt their class project [ some of my friends, ahaha again]..and yeah, i've read some article dat suggest the blog address should be also attached in the CV, i wonder when that will happen, i'll wait (^0^)...anyway, what is blog?

"A blog (a contraction of the term "weblog") is a type of website, usually maintained by a individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order."

haha..i wonder abt my blog..dats all i want to say rite now, im nervous, this is my 1st entry..sory my english is terrible, if u follow my blog, u will get used to it, ahahaha..


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