Thursday, July 1, 2010

Deutschland gewinnt den World Cup 2010

For this two days, there is no match held in WC2010 as to make way for the team that qualify to the quarter final round a rest. Haha, its already up to round and this is the first I wrote about WC2010..To friend who know me really well out there. I am football crazy. But i still wonder why I can give up WC match for the Robocon..I believe that Robocon will be only once in my life,haha..same goes to WC, every four years, up to now, there are already 7 WC held in my life, but maybe the first two WC I not know very well cause I am still know nothing what happened around me,ahaha :D

Yup2 I know, its boring..everyone seems to write about WC..but, I still want to write about it you know,hahaha :D As I am born to this world these are the WC winners;
  • 1986 - Argentina
  • 1990 - West Germany
  • 1994 - Brazil
  • 1998 - France
  • 2002 - Brazil
  • 2006 - Italy
  • 2010 - Germany :p 
As you can see, Brazil is the most winner during my life..and also the most WC winner of all times which is 5 times :) I know most of 80's baby like me support Brazil or Argentina, but me, I am supporting Germany :)
Letih betul mahu taip bahasa Inggeris, mahu taip bhs melayu pula..Untuk WC kali ini, saya mahu Germany menang sebagai Germany, bkn West Germany..Bagi saya, Germany tidak penah menang WC lagi, West Germany,ya mereka pernah menang akn tetapi logo Germany skrg ada 3 bintang bermakna mereka pernah mng WC 3 kali. Kenapa saya sokong Germany, tidak Brazil tidak Argentina ataupun England yang loser itu. hehe, akn tetapi saya pilih Argentina sebagai team kedua saya, boleh kn? Unfortunately, ialah Germany vs Argentina, tp saya sokong Germany la :) Saya sokong Germany sejak sekolah lagi, mereka main sgt tersusun dan teratur, pada WC2010 ini, semasa melawan England, mereka main sgt cantek, the beautiful football, mostly org kata dekat saya Germany main physical game iaitu main kasar, tp tidak sama sekali. Akn tetapi, semasa melawan England, saya pun tidak pasti adakah Germany hebat ataupun England teruk. Pada pendapat saya Germany hebat,haha..Oh, jgn lupa, semasa kegemilangan bola sepak Malaysia dahulukala, jurulatih nya ialah org jerman, Karl Heinze Weigang :)

Kenapa West Germany dahulu dan sekarang Germany? Sebenarnya, sebelum perang dunia kedua (WW2), Germany ada 3 team yang menyertai WC1950 iaitu East Germany, West Germany dan Saarland. West Germany di bawah pimpinan Federal Republic of Germany atau Germany yang kita kenali skrg. Manakala East Germany di pimpin oleh German Democratic Repulic. Saarland adalah sebahagian daripada Germany akn tetapi di bawah pemerintahan Perancis pada 1947-1956. Saarland tidak mahu menyertai organisasi bolasepak Perancis dan malang buat mereka kerana tidak di benar kn menyertai apa2 yg berkaitan dgn Germany pada ketika itu dan mereka membuat keputusan untuk menghantar pasukan bola sepak mereka sendiri. Pada thn 1957, Saarland akhirnya menyertai West Germany. Bersatu nya kedua2 negara ini pada thn 1989 iaitu di masa kejatuhan Tembok Berlin dimana German Democratic Republic menyertai Federal Republic of Germany 1990 dan sekaligus menggabungkn East Germany dan West Germany. Dan detik manis ini disambut pada setiap 3 Oktober di Jerman sbg German Unity Day :)

East Germany logo during German Democratic Republic (1952-1990)

Saarland Flag - Football Team (1950-1956)

haha..guess you are dead boring by now, reading about the German football history. You want me to describe the German footballer? I think you know them all already. Its enough to know Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller, Jürgen Klinsmann, Micheal Ballack or Oliver Kahn and the next star of Germany that i really like to watch they play in this WC2010 is Thomas Müller and Mesut Özil :)

"Siegreiches Deutschland, Hagel Fuhrer"

P/S: Haha, I am really passionate about Germany. I memorize its National Anthem. For me Germany is awesome from its football to its engineering. Hehe, hope can travel there someday :) But still, I love Malaysia :p



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