Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Halo2..but before that.ahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaHHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaHAHAHAhohohohHEHEHE HEHHIHIHHIHHHIHIhihihihiuhuhuhuhuhHUHUHUHahahahaH

Its been a long time since i update my post. The last entry I post is Golden Ratio dated January 23 which is regarding my FYP but my FYP is already done a very very long time ago :D Its been 5 months now,hahahahaha again.. |=.=|

Actually, I dont know wht is my purpose to create a blog before. I have many things to say and write about, which is mostly about politics and academic. But, writings about politics is quiet dangerous and we have to play safe here..aite2 :p And about academic, I am not the brightest and cleverest student, so its kind a shame for me to post about academic,hoho try me :D 

"Kalau Kail Panjang Sejengkal, Laut Dalam Jgn Di Duga"
blog blog blog

Haha, i think you can understand better than me what I want to explain there, eheh..anyway, is there any importance of blogging? now you tell me,hehe

i read someone blog once a time ago that he/she said the blog is a must for employer and it should be attached in the resume. erk, come on dude, if u have a blog regarding urself, u really want to attach it? what u do every day, at home, having fun or whatsoever, do u feel that should be read by the interviewer? hahahaha :D or just for the sake of the job or resume, u make another blog that show how good u are regarding everything..dont be hypocrite..nnt kerja tadak berkat,hahaha :)

i am very respecting someone who wrote blog regarding himself/herself. 1st, he like to share about everything what he is doing and 2nd, he got guts that to share even the worse/shameful things that happened to him,hahaha :D

i am not respecting the copy pasta person. i hate this kind of blog. he copy from blogs, and then he pasted it to his blog without crediting the original writer, LOL u very lame sir. Also there are many blogs that regarding entertainment that is just copy pasta-ing from newspaper online website, entertainment website..man, i've read the news already, why should you make another one for me, but with same article..oh pls, maybe u can apply a job for harian metro or kosmo because that newspaper is very lame, yeah lame..

"aku benci harian metro dan kosmo online kerana berita mereka sgt mengarut seperti harian metro krn aku yakin kamu semua bole agak apa yg akn menjadi headline news tiap2 hari di harian metro. aku benci kerana ini akn mempengaruhi cara pemikiran org melayu kita yg sedia ada mundur ini. ya aku yakin krn itu la sumber bacaan rakyat malaysia hanya lah novel kebanyakan nya..dan sbb itu lah ada nya hari membaca di malaysia kerana rakyat malaysia adalah antara rakyat yg paling kurg membaca, tp percentage rakyat celik/boleh baca ramai pula. kn malas nama nya kn?"
if u see this on your browser, quickly close the tab,hahaha :D

erk..panjang pula artikel ini..tgk lah apa yg terjadi, sudah lama tidak menulis blog, bila menulis, mcm2 terpacul dr kepala otak untuk terus menaip, tp lain jd nya dgn exam, otak 0 dan terus tidak tahu buat apa..haha :D baik lah wahai pembaca (ada ka? |=.=|) selamat dpt kn hari yang baik (dlm bahasa inggeris nya - have a nice day) :p 

P/S: do you ever think this is my case study or my assignment that lecturer ask me to do? hahaha - dear all student, pls make assignment regarding the important of blogging - there is no way that this assignmet to be done by engineering student,hahaha :D


.. As_Z .. said...

yes sy stuju. metro sgt x bmutu(for me) utk org ramai yg bijak baca. hate it :(

and for blog, sy pn jarang update ngeh3 :D nothing much worth to be shared kot~ kalau ada pun, kes x rajin pulak timbul.

btw bro matnoq, salam ziarah to ur blog! :)

Ryuiichi said...

@ As_Z: haha..tu la..ntah papa reporter kt msia ni..takda newspaper yg educated lgsg evn main source of newspaper kt msia - bernama..haha,blog ni mmg mls btol la..tggu semangat je yg dtg :D

tq krn menziarahi,haha :)


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