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1st December 2010 - Oil Price Increase - Malaysia :(

halo assalamualaikum..
it is a very long time i dont update my blog. (betol ka aku ckp??) i feel guilty.should i felt so? nahh i shouldnt. i felt so because there are follower of this blog. anyway, do they give a damn about this blog? i think right now they dont, because i didnt update my blog anymore, seems like never anymore..huhu..

today, most of you know that the malaysia oil price increase again..but, it is only for RON97. the price increase 15cent which is from RM2.15..however, it seems that nowadays malaysian just ignore the news and doesnt care about it. i remember that the increase of the oil price before bring many demonstration and politician is arguing about that in the parliament. the existence of RON95 maybe the reason for all of this. RON95 was introduced on 1 September 2009. and the price of RON95 is more cheaper than RON97. i think by now, you should know the difference of RON95 and RON97. its been introduced a year already..

well, maybe i can explain here a little. RON stand for Research Octane Number. and the number after is define by the rating of the octane rating in the oil..maybe next entry i'll explain about this matter. or you can search for yourself..hoho.

 i should add here 1 December 2010 - RM2.30

from the trend there, the most expensive oil price is RM2.70 is 5 Jun 2008. this is during PAK LAH reign..haish..seems like nothing is doing better during his era..huhuhu..RON92 is available in malaysian market until 1st september 2009 where RON95 was introduced. nowadays, the price of RON95 is RM1.85. what make the oil price increase and decreased? do we know what? 

the price of the oil is controlled by the the OPEC which stand for Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.

members of OPEC

the former members of OPEC is Gabon of Africa region (1975-1994) and Indonesia (1962-2008)..where is Malaysia..LOL..and this OPEC county who control the oil prices..uhuh..Together, these 13 nations are responsible for 40% of the world's oil production and they are holding the majority of the world's oil reserves, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). [source: EIA]. it is very easy for OPEC to control the oil price, whenever the oil production is decreased, the oil price is increase. simple as that. this happened because short of supply for oil and another reason is the forecaster expect the oil will diminish and this make the price will increase more. however, hubbert peak theory explain that every nation have its own peak production. Indonesia reach its peak in 1991 and its may be the reason that they left the OPEC. Malaysia oil is expected to reach its peak of production in 2013. all my friend..go hunt oil and gas company right now..hihi..

I think thats all for this entry. i know people might get boring if this is too can search another info for your own. bye bye.

TRIVIA : Venezuela sell oil at 12cents per gallon :)

P/S: people will simply ignore about this..haha ouh..and hepi december

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