Friday, September 18, 2009

Save Mother Earth - Happy Ramadhan

halo..halo..long time no see is the 2nd last day of Ramadhan..we should not be happy for the coming Eid-Ul-Fitri until we neglect the great present from Him in this Ramadhan - Lailatul Qadr..Still not too late my friend. homesick already cure since last week cause im at miri now \(^_^)/...Anyway,i observe many things here at my hometown [ homecity, hahaha (^0^) ]. Just 1 major thing that really touch me [ LOL (X_x) ] is the no plastic bag day here, I dont found this such event at peninsula. [ Im not racist, but it really make me sad whenever my friend always confuse when I said im going here and there at miri, buying stuff here and there, they ask me do here hv road? does supermarket exist there, such a lame thinking serious and there are also serious, seems like they dont joke when they ask me this question..enough here, i dont meant to b racist..come on 1Malaysia (^_^) ]

This photo taken from the nearest supermarket from my home..haha..Dont sue me..

I dont knw wht it means by 'Miri Local Agenda 21', im sure that there are many local agenda since the 'no plastic bag day' is the 21st agenda. I want to knw wht is the other agenda before..hehe..

hehe, again with the no plastic bag day which is held on sunday..hehe, what a great concern by the citizen of miri city. If you didnt bring your own plastic bag, i mean not plastic, you know that bag right, hehe..i dont knw its name, both in Eng and BM, the name of that kind of bag, i really dont knw, im serious..what i knw, i use that kind of bag to bring my CPU here and there travelling from KL - MYY - KL, haha [ Suka betul aku mengarut kn..patut lah karangan aku selalu nya cikgu bagi markah yang teruk..haha.. ]. If you didnt bring your own plastic bag, you will be charge RM0.20 each. Its cheap right, but do you really love nature? With your RM0.20, you can destroy it. hehe, enough2..

"Sunday Is No Plastic Bag Day"

Its really a long time i dont update my blog, busy2..haha..Ok then, i want to help my mom, you too go help your family for the Eid-ul-Fitri preparation.

P/S: Does vinegar really help in cleaning the windows? I got this info from my friend's status update in facebook, she also not sure though..haha (^_^)..Happy Ramadhan.

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ainohoshi said...

kedak kempen datuk peter chin jak..haha...


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