Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bazaar Ramadhan

Halo again..actually im bz with my EOP midterm tommorow morning and DOME quiz after that, haha.we leave that aside 1st, hehe (^0^) After lab today im thinking whr should i eat iftar today, my friend Rosli invite me to iftar at Masjid Zakaria [ Im not sure whr is that, but he said at 'Kubur' area~sigh ], but I insist to go the IIUM Bazaar Ramadhan..wht again? IIUM Bazaar Ramadhan..again..IIUM [ sigh (x_X) ] Well, that is not wht i want to write here, hehe..im observing ppl while searching my food for iftar. [ FYI, im alone, really :p ]

1st thing I wonder abt ppl is, evn they knw what it is, they still ask wht it is..Understand me? No? hoho..Ok2..just like:
Perempuan A : Pakcik2, ni murtabak eh pakcik?

Pakcik Murtabak : A'ah, ni murtabak, adk nk ayam ke daging?

If I am the 'Pakcik Murtabak' i would answer them

Me as Pakcik Murtabak : Eh2, bkn murtabak tu, tu kalkulator tu, adk x nmpk lg ke? adk nk kalkulator prisa aym ke daging?

Sigh~the 'Pakcik Murtabak' is busy with his customer, not 1 but many..Haish~
Haha..This 1 is always happened, maybe some of us has accidentally done this b4..ahaha..With the BIG price sign behind the Pakcik, we still ask for it price.

Lelaki A : Pakcik, berapa harga murtabak ni.

Pakcik Murtabak : RM2 je dik, adk nk brapa? Aym ke daging?

Hoho, i dont hv to make a dialogue of me act as 'Pakcik Murtabak" because you knw it already (^0^)
And this one is always happened to me..haha..when i want to pay for the food, i just give RM10, and the Makcik always ask
Makcik Nasik Lemak : Adk, takda duit kcik ke?

Me : Aiseh, xda la makcik.

Makcik Nasik Lemak : Oo..xpa la eh, esk2 adk dtg byr RM1/RM2/RM0.2/RM0.3/RM0.4 kt cni eh.

My god, I dont come thr every day and always buy that Nasik Lemak of Makcik [ Btol ka ayt aku ni?, erk ]. I also feel guilty because i still in debt with that makcik, if i forget to come to pay, is my food is haram? [ Answer me... ]I wonder that they should expect that thing during their bussiness, why dont they get ready~haish.

I am once really2 bad, yeah really, so bad, Im waiting for the murtabak with a long Q, lot of ppl waiting too.

Pakcik Murtabak : Nah dek, RM1.70 je. [ Before recession, haha, quite cheap ]
( I gave him RM2 )
Pakcik Murtabak : 70 sen takda dek? pakcik xda duit kcik ni.

Me : Eh2..xpa la pakcik, ok je. xmo balance ah.

Pakcik Murtabak : Eh2..xpa2..pakcik carik jap eh.
(But when he 'carik' the balance, he serves other customer)
(10 minutes later, seems like the pakcik forgot to give me the balance and i want to 'chow' from thr, just sadaqah i think its ok aite?, suddenly)
Pakcik Murtabak : Eh2 dek, kejap2..pakcik carik ni..
( I cant stand it anymore (>_<) )
Me : Xpa la pakcik, cancel eh..trima kaseh eh pakcik (with smile, lol XD)

LOLOLOL XD, why bother with just a 30 sen balance, i just let the pakcik keep the change, but he dont want to..aiyo..me so bad rite? im bad rite? tell me la..

hehe, maybe i talk too much about murtabak here, the situation happened at murtabak stall, hehe..i think i want to write about Sarawak special dish - Bubur Pedas. That is my favourite food. I like it very much. Yesterday I thought, my friend (Fila, Rosely, Zen) bought that kind of dish at Bazaar at Wangsa Maju, I dont want to call it Bubur Pedas cause seems the taste is not the same with the real one, huhu (T_T) homesick...

p/s : Again, my english is sick..LOL XD This is the training for EOP tommorow morning, haha


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Anonymous said...

Perempuan: Pakcik, ni mutabak ke?
Pakcik Mutabak: ...(jeling)...(sambung polah keja)


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